Customer Service
Year Founded:

Birdzi is a leading provider of personalized customer engagement solutions for the retail industry. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, Birdzi helps retailers deliver highly targeted and relevant offers to their customers, enhancing the shopping experience and driving customer loyalty. The company's platform integrates seamlessly with existing retail systems, enabling real-time personalization across digital and physical touchpoints. Birdzi's innovative approach, powered by advanced analytics, empowers retailers to understand and anticipate customer needs, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction while providing deep insights to help understand and grow the business.

Leadership team:

Shekar Raman, Co-founder and CEO
Francisco Bourges, Co-founder and CTO
Volker Hauf Chief Data Architect
Bernhard Lenz, Chief Data Engineer
Linda Wakim, VP of Customer Success
Pasquelo Tate, VP of Sales
Stephanie Doherty, Director of Marketing and PR, and Client Success

Client Base:
Brookshire’s Grocery, Coborn’s Inc. and Weis Markets
Key Differentiators:

Birdzi’s solutions are uniquely customer-centric. Utilizing the extensive customer data that retailers already possess, Birdzi’s engine generates a digital twin for each customer. This digital twin enables Birdzi’s AI engine to create personalized offers tailored to each individual, drawing from the entire store catalog. Unlike many other personalization solutions that prioritize vendor-funded offers by scoring and sorting them for relevance, Birdzi starts with the customer, ensuring truly personalized experiences.

Moreover, Birdzi’s exceptional customer support sets it apart. From the onboarding process onward, Birdzi's clients have easy access to a dedicated support team. Birdzi views its relationship with retailers as a partnership, maintaining close communication to stay aligned with their evolving needs. This commitment to customer support ensures that retailers receive the full benefits of Birdzi’s solutions.