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Tomorrow arrived a day early. Digital commerce accelerated rapidly due to COVID, with the world witnessing three years of growth within a span of three months. As digital becomes the front door to all retail experiences, new shopper behaviors emerge. These new shopper behaviors underpin a new age of consumerism. With changing macroeconomic factors and shopper behavior putting a strain on operations, grocers have to navigate significant headwinds.
Grocery Doppio seeks to be the preeminent source of industry insights and inspiration for grocery executives responsible for helping their companies navigate digital disruption. Furthermore, Grocery Doppio offers peer-to-peer learning that fosters a greater sense of community, coupled with deep and detailed performance benchmarks that helps identify specific improvement opportunities.

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We seek to build content that inspires perspective among readers, igniting them to take action.

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Ashish Parshionikar

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Ashish Parshionikar is an experienced market research specialist, excelling in generating actionable insights from consumer behavior data to solve business problems. Proficient in primary and secondary research, data analysis, project management, and visualization, he has expertise across the Retail, CPG, Automotive, and Logistics sectors.

Barry Clogan

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Accomplished and innovative executive with extensive experience leading and transforming domestic and international operations across China, UK, Ireland, and the US. Proven ability to identify and revitalize underperforming businesses, fostering engaging, motivated, and collaborative cultures that drive significant profitability and growth.

Dave Weinand

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Dave Weinand is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer for Incisiv. Prior to Incisiv, Weinand spent nine years at Edgell Communications/Ensemble IQ in various roles that included GM of the technology portfolio, publisher of RIS News and co-founder of EKN Research. He also previously led sales and product strategy for Retail Systems Alert Group.

Gaurav Pant

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Gaurav Pant, Co-Founder & Chief Insights Officer at Incisiv. Gaurav brings a unique perspective to digital transformation by combining customer experience expertise with a strong focus on operational excellence. Gaurav leads Incisiv’s Digital Executive Council – a membership community of over 7,500 retailer and brand executives where he curates thoughtful peer-to-peer collaboration and dialogue.

Giri Agarwal

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Giri Agarwal leads strategy for Incisiv, a digital transformation insights membership service for retailers and brands. In his role, Giri tracks retail innovators and curates learning experiences for Incisiv’s members. Prior to co-founding Incisiv, Giri was co-founder at EKN Research, an industry research firm acquired by private equity in 2016. Previously, Giri led consumer industries strategy and marketing for one of the world’s largest technology services firms, Tata Consultancy Services.

Grocery Doppio

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Grocery Doppio is an independent source of insights and inspiration designed to help grocers jumpstart, accelerate and sustain growth in this dynamic new environment. Incisiv Research Incisiv offers curated executive learning, digital maturity benchmarks, and prescriptive transformation insights to clients across the consumer and technology industry spectrum.

Incisiv Benchmarks

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The Benchmarking Team

Incisiv Research

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The digital maturity benchmark service from Incisiv provides ongoing assessments of different buying journey attributes retailers need to deliver customer value.

Jamie Grill-Goodman

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Jamie is a thought leader with 20 years’ experience in multichannel content creation, including covering the retail, consumer goods, technology, private label, and luxury real estate industries. Her primary focus when writing about the grocery industry has been on how emerging technologies and consumer trends impact the evolution of supermarkets, c-stores, mass merchants, and CPGs.

Jennifer Adams

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Jennifer Adams, a Research Analyst at Grocery Doppio, brings her expertise in dissecting the dynamic North American grocery retail environment. Through in-depth exploration of technology and industry trends, Jennifer delves into the industry landscape, uncovering critical insights.

Neha Ghai

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As Director of Research, with Grocery Doppio Maj Neha Ghai is exploring the cultural and technological North American landscape in Grocery Retail. Publishing perspectives across tech and sustainability and interviewing CXOs to garner qualitative insights into meaningful gaps that we can research and address.

Neha Ghosh

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Neha Kaira Ghosh is an experienced digital marketer with a comprehensive background in content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising campaigns. Her proficiency lies in crafting engaging content, optimizing social media outreach, and implementing innovative strategies to elevate brand presence across digital platforms.

Ria Bhatia

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Shalmali Prakash

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Senior Analyst

Tim Denman

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Tim has written about a variety of topics and industries in his illustrious career including retail, pharmaceutical, and grocery. His primary focus when writing about the grocery industry has been on the technological and economic impact of emerging technologies in the space, and how it impacts business and customer experiences.

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