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Tomorrow arrived a day early. Digital commerce accelerated rapidly due to COVID, with the world witnessing three years of growth within a span of three months. As digital becomes the front door to all retail experiences, new shopper behaviors emerge. These new shopper behaviors underpin a new age of consumerism. With changing macroeconomic factors and shopper behavior putting a strain on operations, grocers have to navigate significant headwinds.
Grocery Doppio seeks to be the preeminent source of industry insights and inspiration for grocery executives responsible for helping their companies navigate digital disruption. Furthermore, Grocery Doppio offers peer-to-peer learning that fosters a greater sense of community, coupled with deep and detailed performance benchmarks that helps identify specific improvement opportunities.

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We seek to build content that inspires perspective among readers, igniting them to take action.

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Incisiv is a peer-to-peer executive network and industry insights firm for consumer industry executives navigating digital disruption. Incisiv offers curated executive learning, digital maturity benchmarks, and prescriptive transformation insights to clients across the consumer and technology industry spectrum. Visit us online at www.incisiv.com

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Wynshop is an ambitious team of digital innovators helping grocers and other local store-based retailers grow wildly successful online businesses. Wynshop’s easy-to-use digital commerce platform enables efficient in-house picking, reduces fulfillment costs, and gives retailers control over every facet of the digital shopping experience. www.wynshop.com.