Supply Chain Management
Year Founded:

Brightpick offers AI robots for warehouses to easily automate every step of their order fulfillment. The innovative robots enable warehouses of any size to fully automate order picking, consolidation, dispatch and stock replenishment. The Brightpick solution takes just weeks to deploy and enables companies to reduce their picking labor by 98% and cut picking costs by half. Headquartered near Cincinnati, OH, Brightpick has more than 200 employees and is part of Photoneo Brightpick Group, which has over 7000 technology installations across the US, Europe and Asia.

Leadership team:

Jan Zizka – CEO
Tomas Kovacovsky – CTO
Branislav Pulis – Chief Revenue Officer
James Cox – Chief Commercial Officer
Andrey Bakholdin – Chief Growth Officer

Client Base:
Rohlik Group, Knuspr, CPG, The Feed, MTBIKER, Netrush and Dr. Max
Key Differentiators:

Brightpick Autopicker, the company’s award-winning flagship robot, is the only mobile robot in the world that robotically picks and consolidates orders directly in the warehouse aisles. The robot is like a human with a cart, moving through the warehouse aisles and autonomously picking and consolidating orders.