Retail Media
Year Founded:

Shopic brings online commerce advantages to physical supermarkets worldwide. Shopic’s unique clip-on device uses computer vision to turn any regular shopping cart into a smart cart for the duration of a visit. In other words, we detach the smart from the cart. With only two cameras, Shopic AI Smart Cart is the only one in the industry to recognize tens of thousands of SKUs with high accuracy, based solely on visual data.

It delivers a personalized shopping experience with instant on-cart checkout, an effective in-store retail media channel, and actionable insights from real-time analysis of shopper carts and store shelves. Our impact is dramatic: shoppers who use Shopic’s smart cart increase their monthly spending by 11%-16% compared to those who don't.

Leadership team:

Raz Golan, CEO & Co-Founder
Eran Kravitz, CTO & Co-Founder
Hanan Lifshitz, CPO
Avinoam Bloch, COO
Rani Wellingstein, Chief Strategy Officer
Roger Bigio, CRO

Client Base:
Shufersal, Wegmans, Walmart, Chile AKA Lider
Key Differentiators:

What differentiates our company's solutions from others in the market is our innovative use of computer vision (CV) at its core. We have developed AI based on data collected from shopping sessions. This technology creates our "WOW" effect and serves our main objectives.

Shopic's AI Specific Movement Recognition successfully detects events and edge cases in the supermarket environment, including:

  • Different types of movements/insertions to the cart
  • Various kinds of hands, skin tones, jewelry, sleeves, and non-items (e.g., phones, shopping lists)
  • Diverse environments and lighting conditions

Another key differentiator is that we have detached the smart (component) from the cart itself. Retailers can keep their existing carts, and shoppers can simply clip our device onto the cart’s handle. This transforms any cart into a smart cart with minimal disruption. This flexibility and ease of integration set us apart in the market.