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Year Founded:

Sifter Solutions bridges the gap between consumer health priorities and grocery store foods. Designed for food retailers, health and insurance platforms, and food benefit providers, Sifter technology analyzes the nutrition information of food and beverage products, standardizes the data, and matches those products, at the UPC level, to each end user's dietary profile. This allows consumers to discover many more foods beyond the produce aisle that match their health needs, no matter how complex. Sifter's tech stack includes in-store scanning for wider product discovery, recipe customization by diet, and intelligent product curation based on food assistance eligibility, cultural preferences, and medically accepted options. The full suite of Sifter solutions can be integrated into client platforms through dynamic APIs or turnkey white-label implementation.

Leadership team:

Andrew Parkinson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Parkinson, Founder & Chief Product Officer
Judy Seybold, Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer
John Furton, President & Chief Operating Officer
Tim Franklin, Chief Technology Officer
Pierce Hollingsworth, Chief Content Officer
David Sametz, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
Jon Wilson, Chief Data Officer

Client Base:
Sifter's solutions and services
Key Differentiators:

Sifter is the only platform linking healthcare's Food as Medicine movement with food retail. In addition, Sifter is the first and only data provider to be FoodMed Certified by Validation Institute.