Doppio Discovery Series

Executive Panel: Automating Grocery’s Future

Grocery Doppio

Amanda Oren

IT Strategy and Planning
Good Food Holdings

Grocery Doppio

James Frank

Innovation Consultant

Grocery Doppio

Tim Denman

Chief Editor
Grocery Doppio

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Grocery Doppio’s AI in Grocery event examines the current state of artificial intelligence in the industry and explores the future of this still-emerging technology. In a series of sessions, we will discuss in detail how grocers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to inform, automate, and personalize the enterprise.

As grocers struggle to build a motivated workforce, they increasingly turn to AI-powered automation and robotics to help lessen their dependence on human labor. In this session, panelists from Good Food Holdings, Toshiba and Grocery Doppio discuss:

  • The potential of robots and electronic shelf labelling, faster checkout options like self-checkout and smart carts, and the importance of balancing customer experience with loss prevention.
  • The need for industry professionals to stay updated through conferences, engaging with experts, and distinguishing between hype and realistic AI applications.
  • The challenges of crime prevention and the prospects of AI and automation.

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