Doppio Discovery Series

Executive Panel: Personalizing The Grocery Experience

Grocery Doppio

Barry Clogan

Chief Evangelist

Grocery Doppio

Charles McWeeney

VP of Technology, Innovation & Strategy
Wakefern Food Corp

Grocery Doppio

Doug Baker

VP, Industry Relations

Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Grocery Doppio’s AI in Grocery event examines the current state of artificial intelligence in the industry and explores the future of this still-emerging technology. In a series of sessions, we will discuss in detail how grocers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to inform, automate, and personalize the enterprise.

It is no longer enough to provide consumers with well-stocked shelves and competitive pricing; today’s grocers must provide a memorable shopping experience tailored to individual preferences to retain customers. In this session on personalizing the grocery experience, panelists from Wakefern, FMI, Incisiv and Wynshop discuss:

  • Use cases of personalization include product recommendations, seamless customer experience, substitution options, and digitizing in-store experiences.
  • How personalization, powered by AI, helps forecast, plan, test, and learn, enabling grocers to meet customer demands precisely.
  • How AI could aid small grocers in discovering new products, creating engaging content, optimizing labor utilization, and enhancing the customer experience.

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