Doppio Discovery Series

Executive Panel: Turn Your Assortment Into Your Greatest Asset

Grocery Doppio

Kirk Ball

Giant Eagle

Grocery Doppio

Suzy Monford

Food Sport International

Grocery Doppio

Tim Denman

Chief Editor

Grocery Doppio

Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Grocery Doppio’s AI in Grocery event examines the current state of artificial intelligence in the industry and explores the future of this still-emerging technology. In a series of sessions, we will discuss in detail how grocers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to inform, automate, and personalize the enterprise.

Having in-demand products in stock has become table stakes — miss on this grocery tenant, and failure is guaranteed. But grocers must go beyond just meeting demand; they must provide an assortment that connects and surprises shoppers with invigorating discovery. In this session, panelists from Giant Eagle, Food Sport International and Grocery Doppio discuss how to:

  • Optimize assortments based on individual store and clientele.
  • Leverage AI tools to analyze data and detect changing patterns.
  • Utilize electronic shelf labels and dynamic pricing for real-time insights.
  • And, connect structured data for better decision making.

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