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How Can Grocers Best Leverage Generative AI?

Grocery Doppio

Adil Ladhani


Grocery Doppio

Deepak Jose

Global Head of Data Science

Grocery Doppio

Shish Shridhar

Global Retail Lead

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Grocery Doppio’s AI in Grocery event examines the current state of artificial intelligence in the industry and explores the future of this still-emerging technology. In a series of sessions, we will discuss in detail how grocers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to inform, automate, and personalize the enterprise.

Headline-grabbing generative AI solutions are all the rage, but are there real-world grocery applications? In this session featuring experts from Mars, Microsoft, Incisiv and Wynshop, we discuss the game-changing potential of generative AI including:

  • Mapping unique business challenges to the capabilities offered by Generative AI.
  • The importance of a strategic framework for integrating Generative AI.
  • And, the importance of leveraging the power of Generative AI in consumer facing proof of concepts.

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