Right Price, Right Now

Grocery Doppio

Justin Honaman

Head, Worldwide Retail & Consumer Goods Go-To-Market (GTM)

Grocery Doppio

Andrew Cron

Chief Data Officer

Grocery Doppio

Gaurav Pant

Chief Insights Officer

Grocery Doppio

Friday, June 21, 2024

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This session highlighted how AI revolutionizes real-time pricing in grocery and the importance of AI in predicting individual product price elasticity and tailoring promotions to unique shopper profiles.

Leaders from Amazon, Invafresh, and Incisiv discussed AI's role in predicting product price elasticity, tailoring promotions, and swiftly reacting to pricing changes to enhance customer satisfaction and competitiveness. The session also explored the challenges and opportunities of adopting AI-driven pricing strategies in an omnichannel environment.

Key Themes:

  • The importance of real-time price changes in an omnichannel environment.
  • Using AI to predict price elasticity and personalize promotions.
  • Strategies for understanding and reacting to the pricing landscape in real time.

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