State of Digital Grocery Performance: H1, 2023

Grocery Doppio

Barry Clogan

Chief Evangelist

Grocery Doppio

Doug Baker

VP Industry Relations

Grocery Doppio

Gaurav Pant

Chief Insights Officer

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 | 12 PM ET

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Incisiv’s Grocery Doppio platform benchmarks the digital performance of grocers on a monthly basis. The first quarter digital performance report, released in early July, is the foundation for this session.

Join Grocery Doppio, FMI, and Wynshop for a walkthrough of the key insights from the first half of the year in digital grocery. In this session, we will detail key data points around the performance of the grocery industry for the first half of the year and will highlight significant trends, including:

  • The performance of digital, including the state of pickup/delivery. Digital sales growth was flat in Q2.  
  • Third-party apps shrinking market share: $5.1 billion in sales in Q2, compared to $5.4 billion in Q1.
  • Customers increasing preference for delivery: 49.1% of digital orders were delivered in Q2, compared to 45.8% in Q1.
  • The outlook for the rest of 2023. 41% of shoppers say they need to cut their spending; 67% are leveraging restaurant takeout/outside due to increase in grocery prices.

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