The Smart Supply Chain

Grocery Doppio

Matt Van Gilder

Director, E-commerce and Digital Experience

Grocery Doppio

Alonso Vargas

Senior Vice President of Product

Grocery Doppio

Jan Zizka


Grocery Doppio

Tim Denman

Chief Editor
Grocery Doppio

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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This session emphasized the critical role of AI in modern supply chain management for the grocery industry improving transparency, efficiency, and digital engagement.

Choreographing the needs of the modern grocery enterprise is impossible without AI. Leaders from SpartanNash, Flybuy, Brightpick, and Grocery Doppio discussed how AI enhances supply chain transparency, automates tasks, and improves digital engagement. They also addressed AI adoption challenges, including budget constraints and infrastructure needs, and emphasized prioritizing AI initiatives for maximum impact.

Key Themes:

  • Essential AI capabilities for the grocery supply chain.
  • Automation strategies to meet shopper demand.
  • Key investment areas to optimize the supply chain and stay competitive.

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