Carrefour currently operates 12,225 stores throughout more than 30 countries and had a revenue of over €80.7 billion in 2019 - more than half of which was generated outside of France.


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About Carrefour

The French Group - Carrefour - is a major global retailer. Carrefour currently operates 12,225 stores throughout more than 30 countries and had a revenue of over €80.7 billion in 2019 - more than half of which was generated outside of France.

Number of Carrefour Drive: 1696

Number of Convenience Stores (Worldwide): 7193

Number of Markets (Worldwide): 3412

Number of Hypermarkets (Worldwide): 1207

Number of Cash & Carry Stores (Worldwide): 413

Number of Stores: 12000

Number of Website Visits: 1.3 million per day

Operating Industries: E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Grocery, Retail

Founded in: 1959

Total Number of Acquisitions: 14

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Financial Year 2021: Key Takeaways

  • The Carrefour group reported net sales of 73.0 billion euros in 2021, an increase of 5.0 percent at constant exchange rates
  • The equity-accounted enterprises' net income/(loss) in 2021 was 12 million euros compared to a net loss of 13 million euros in the year 2020
  • In 2021, recurring operating income totaled 2,272 million euros, a rise of 99 million euros (an increase by 7.7 percent at constant exchange rates)
  • There was a 2.3% rise in same-store sales that excludes petrol and calendar effects and is adjusted for the effect of construction and restoration work

Source: All Publications | Carrefour Group


Digital Timeline

  • In October, the Group announced the opening of Carrefour Sprint in France, which by year's end offered 15-minute delivery of approximately 2,000 non-food and food product references across nine cities; in collaboration with Cajoo and Uber Eats
  • With the release of the Carrefour Links platform, which offers its industrial partners access to more specific knowledge about Carrefour customer expectations, the Carrefour group announced its new Data and Retail Media strategy
  • The Group has already migrated 30% of its apps, and by 2026, it plans to be entirely cloud-based
  • In collaboration with Cash Converter, Carrefour Occasion unveiled, which is a platform for buying back used goods
  • The "Carrefour Bulk Innovation Challenge” - a pitch competition - was started by Carrefour to identify creative ways to lessen the top 10 "irritating" problems that deter customers from purchasing in bulk
  • Carrefour and Uber Eats strike an agreement for daily grocery delivery in France, while simultaneously launching the service in Belgium. A collaboration with Deliveroo will be established following this agreement in the spring of 2021
  • French e-commerce site introduces the INNIT personalized nutrition score
  • Launched by Carrefour Belgium, the "Les Belges" collection aims to celebrate the country's rich culinary heritage
  • The first French online food marketplace, which brings together artisans, small businesses, and producers who wish to reach a new audience to better weather the crisis, was also created by Carrefour in May with the assistance of its partner Mirakl
  • Potager City, a pioneer in the online subscription delivery of very fresh and in-season fruit and vegetable baskets from neighborhood food networks, was acquired by Carrefour
  • Carrefour welcomes Dejbox - the company that provides workplace meal delivery service with operations in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, and Grenoble
  • A virtual WhatsApp assistant has been introduced by Carrefour Brazil. Carina (Carrefour Artificial Intelligence) directs customers to services empowering the company to address their needs
  • By investing 2.8 billion euros over five years in the development of its digital services, Carrefour hopes to become the top global food e-commerce company by 2022. The Group already generates 1.3 billion euros in global food e-commerce sales, an increase of more than 30% over 2018
  • For the 45 million Brazilian consumers without bank accounts, the Group will provide access to new payment options by acquiring a share in FinTech company Ewally, which specializes in digital financial services
  • Google selected the Carrefour Group to be its first international food partner. Teams from both firms started their initial experiments in the fields of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques by applying them to real-world instances like foreseeing supply shortages in a shared digital hub that was inaugurated in Paris in March 2019
  • Carrefour also collaborated with the Glovo platform in four nations (France, Italy, Spain, and Argentina), Uber Eats and Food Panda in Taiwan, the Rappi app in Brazil, the Bringo platform in Romania, and the Allegro marketplace in Poland to create improved delivery services
  • Between 2018 and 2022, Carrefour Group aims to invest €2.8 billion in its omni channel and digital transformation
  • Food sales on Carrefour's e-commerce platforms grew by 30 percent in the year 2018 to €1.2 billion, meeting the retailer's goal of €5 billion by 2022
  • Carrefour signed strategic alliances with digital behemoths Tencent and Google in 2018. The goal is to assist Carrefour in developing the digital services of the future, which will streamline, improve, and tailor the consumer experience both in-store and online
  • Innovative initiatives and training sessions, some of which were conducted in collaboration with Google, were created to improve the workforce’s digital agility and skills in both store and support jobs and to hasten the Group's digital transformation. Among other things, Carrefour and Google introduced the “Go Transform” program in 2018
  • Each Carrefour Polish store has assigned a volunteer 'digitalent.' The store employees can go to this individual for assistance with everything relevant to the digital transformation (G Suite collaborative tools, Scan & Go service, and e-couponing, among others)
  • In 2017, Carrefour launched the first self-service current account C-zam which can be opened by anyone without any minimum income restrictions and is entirely digital
  • At the beginning of the year, the brand-new “” and “” websites were launched by the company
  • For Carrefour to achieve its goal of strengthening its omnichannel strategy, technological expertise must be developed, and employee understanding of the digital world must grow. For instance, Carrefour started a "digital mentoring" initiative focused on skill-sharing in France
  • A collaboration agreement was struck with Sapient, technology and digital platform owned by Publicis, to assist the Group in creating this new ecosystem and speed up the growth of online sales
  • Carrefour has established a non-food e-commerce site in Brazil that offers a wide selection of products for the home, electronics, health, well-being, and automobiles
  • To lessen the possible harm to the Amazon forest, the company this year unveiled a georeferencing platform that can be used to track locations where beef is produced
  • The selection is also being expanded in Spain, where a new online clothing store with 48-hour delivery has opened
  • In Poland, Carrefour brought in a service offering 12,000 food items and the gradual rollout of click & collect was implemented
  • In France, the Ooshop offering has been expanded, particularly in terms of organic products, where the assortment has been doubled, and a new Carrefour Traiteur website has been launched for online meal ordering

Source: All Publications | Carrefour Group