This report assesses top grocery retailers' digital channel experience and capabilities across key areas of the grocery shopping journey.


Incisiv's Digital Maturity Benchmark

Incisiv's 2023 Digital Maturity Benchmark assesses top grocery retailers' digital channel experience and capabilities across four key areas.

The benchmark is comprised of the top grocery retailers (by annual revenue) across 6 different industry sub-segments. Each retailer's digital maturity capabilities and experience were assessed using an observational methodology.

  • 152 retailers benchmarked
  • 205 digital capabilities assessed
  • 6 segments covered (Discount Stores, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Warehouse Clubs, Convenience, Stores, Drug Stores)

Table Stakes and Differentiating Opportunities

Each assessment area includes table stakes and differentiating experience designations. These are defined based on their overall level of adoption, perceived value by shoppers, and impact on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average order value (AOV), conversion, and traffic.


Foundational capabilities are required to address key shopper expectations today. The absence of these capabilities has a negative impact on digital performance KPIs.


Advanced capabilities that address important emerging shopper expectations. The presence of these capabilities has a positive impact on digital performance KPIs.

Research & Discovery

  • A designated section for promotions and trending items on the homepage
  • Easy access to ready-to-eat foods
  • Immediate visibility of discounts and new arrivals in the primary menu bar
  • Multiple callouts: new arrivals, diet-related items, and promotions
  • Advanced Filters: sustainable products, lifestyle preferences, and fulfillment options

Online Ordering

  • Access to promotions and coupons in the shopping cart
  • Cross-selling recommendations on both the product and cart pages
  • Ability to cancel or modify an order after placement
  • Option to include custom instructions for products
  • Omnichannel inventory visibility
  • Product substitutions (including opt-in and opt-out)

Frictionless Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment options: Pickup and home delivery
  • Instant order notifications and alerts in real time
  • Access to effortless returns
  • Accelerated pickup and delivery choices (within 30 minutes)
  • Membership program for delivery services
  • Availability of locker and other contactless pickup services

Customer Engagement & Service

  • Access to managing a personal account with preferences
  • Access to weekly deals and newsletters
  • Enhanced support via live chat
  • Use of AI tools for support
  • Premium rewards/membership program

Digital Maturity Benchmark: Rating Categories

Leaders offer the richest maturity within and across retail segments. They lead in the adoption of differentiated experiences and are functionally mature across most assessment areas. (Adoption of table stakes capabilities: Medium, Adoption of differentiators: Low)

Challengers offer a seamless digital maturity built on a solid foundation of capabilities. They offer some differentiated experiences but lack the depth and coverage of leaders. (Adoption of table stakes capabilities: Medium-High, Adoption of differentiators: Low)

Followers offer a basic digital maturity, addressing most table stakes capabilities. Their experiences lack depth and are light on the adoption of differentiated capabilities. (Adoption of table stakes capabilities: High, Adoption of differentiators: Medium)

Laggards offer a severely lacking digital maturity, missing even some basic table stakes functionality. (Adoption of table stakes capabilities: High, Adoption of differentiators: High)

The rest of the report covers key market trends and insights on the overall grocery industry. The report also showcases the leaders in Digital Grocery categorised by overall industry as well as by different stages of the shopper buying journey.