Operating as Sainsbury’s, J Sainsbury plc is the second-largest food chain in the UK, with a 16.0 percent market share in the supermarket industry.


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About Sainsbury's

Operating as Sainsbury’s, J Sainsbury plc is the second-largest food chain in the UK, with a 16.0 percent market share in the supermarket industry. Sainsbury's was established in 1869 by John James Sainsbury with a store in London's Drury Lane.

For most of the 20th century, it was the biggest grocery retailer in the UK. Tesco replaced Sainsbury's as the market leader in 1995, and has subsequently been rated second or third: it was overtaken by Asda from 2003 to 2014, and again in 2019.

Number of Supermarkets: 600+

Number of Convenience Stores: 800+

Number of Agro Physical Location: 1000+

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Financial Year 2022: Key Takeaways

  • 3.4% growth in retail sales (including gasoline) compared to the 2020/21 fiscal year. Sales fell by 2.6 percent excluding fuel
  • £730m underlying profit before taxes increased by 25% and 104% compared to the 2019–20 and 2020–21 fiscal years, respectively
  • Retail operating profit increased by 36.9 percent compared to the 2020–21 fiscal year and by 6.7 percent compared to the 2019–20 fiscal year
  • In comparison to a loss of £164 million in the 2020–21 fiscal year and a profit of £278 million in the 2019–20 fiscal year, the company reported a statutory profit before taxes of £854 million

Source: Results, Reports and Presentations – Sainsbury's

Current Quarterly Performance


Digital Timeline

  • This year, Sainsbury’s introduced My Nectar Prices, an innovative data-driven solution that offers clients personalized discounts, offering even more value to loyal customers
  • Plan for Better, a key component of their new sustainability plan, was launched in June. To reach their aim, they are incorporating climate issues into their reporting and decision-making across the Group, as well as adopting strong targets and incentives
  • On Sainsbury’s Groceries Online website, a retail media platform was established that enables brands and advertising agencies to reach and engage shoppers more efficiently, resulting in a more personalized experience for customers and higher returns for businesses
  • Sainsbury’s launched Habitat as their principal home and furniture brand, as well as repositioned their home and furniture collections to provide customers more options and lower prices
  • They started their bold Sainsbury's Quality, Aldi Price Match campaign on about 250 great quality, entry-level, and daily products to make shoppers feel certain that they are getting good value. The campaign goes hand in hand with their largest-ever Price Lock commitment on mostly branded products
  • Imperfectly Tasty was also launched, giving customers more options and reducing food waste
  • Sainsbury’s Credit Card app debuted in early 2019 and subsequently grew to over 100,000 customers
  • Consumers could now benefit from a pending transactions feature, a monthly summary of transactions, the option to manage direct debits, and increased security meant to safeguard online customers against fraud, thanks to the latest version of the app, which went live in March 2020
  • The insurance app, which is available for both cars and homes, is one of the first of its kind, allowing customers to control their insurance through their smartphone. Customers may make changes to their policies and see all of the information they need in one location, offering them quick and easy access to their policies wherever and whenever they need it, as well as guidance on what to do if a claim occurs
  • Introduced Pay@Browse, which allowed consumers to pay digitally without having to queue at a cash register; was deployed to 162 Argos locations
  • Implemented innovative technology like SmartShop self-scan to make shopping in the stores more efficient and convenient for customers
  • Through SmartShop Mobile Pay, Sainsbury's became the first grocery retailer in the UK to offer customers the chance to shop checkout-free using their smartphone
  • Launched Chop Chop, a one-hour delivery service that served over 1.7 million clients in London zones one and two, was launched
  • Sainsbury’s opened 192 Digital collection points
  • Sainsbury's purchased all Nectar businesses and related assets required for the complete and autonomous functioning of the Nectar brand on January 31, 2018
  • In September, they released the Sainsbury's Living Well Index, which helped in understanding what 'living well' meant to people all around the country
  • Sainsbury’s launched a new same-day delivery service and made it available in eight London locations
  • They debuted their On-The-Go breakfast, lunch, and snacking products in September
  • This year, the Sainsbury’s banner, Argos, built 39 digital stores in their supermarkets
  • Sainsbury's Bank also effectively adopted a new banking infrastructure and launched new goods and services, resulting in increased client demand
  • Sainsbury’s on-demand online music service was relaunched in January 2016, providing users with a one-stop-shop for eBooks, periodicals, and now music. With over 20 million tracks and 2.5 million albums accessible for download as high-quality MP3s, the site provides clients with more music options than ever before
  • Sainsbury’s launched Click & Collect in multiple locations
  • They launched Trolley Talk, an online consumer panel, 18 months ago, and talked to 4,000 customers every week about a variety of topics
  • They became the first UK grocer to export goods to China through Tmall Global, Alibaba's online store, through a relationship with the Alibaba Group

Source: Results, Reports and Presentations – Sainsbury's