Overall sales were flat, digital was up marginally. Average basket sizes were down to $166 post the July bump. Fewer grocers believe they need third-party platforms to succeed in digital.


How do grocers perceive third party platforms? (Research Update)

  • 53% of grocery retailers believe they can't scale their online business without third-party partners (2023)
  • 59% of grocery retailers believe Instacart going public is the right strategy
  • 87% of grocery retailers believe they will lose touch with their customer base because of third-party platforms

State of Digital Grocery: August 2023 Digital Performance Summary

  • $78 billion in overall grocery sales in August 2023
  • $6 reduction in overall digital basket size compared to July 2023
  • -35% reduction in third party app sales in August 2023 compared to August 2022


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