Digital sales were nearly $10 billion, witnessing a 6.1% YoY growth. Basket sizes were up as shoppers ordered more items with large grocers. Third-party sales witnessed a decline of 22% YoY.


Consumer Behavior Update: Checkout and Privacy

  • 84% of grocery shoppers are dissatisfied with the speed of checkout.
  • 43% of shoppers will we willing to try biometrics for an in-store check-out.
  • 71% of grocers will increase the number of technologies used that utilize shopper data available over the next two years.

Digital Performance Synopsis

  • -47% estimated drop in third party sales in 2023 compared to 2022.
  • 5-7 fewer items were ordered with pickup vs delivery orders in July 2023.

Key Pointers

Digital Sales Continue to be Flat This Year.

  • Digital sales were 12.7% of overall grocery sales in July 2023.
  • Store sales were 87.3% of the total grocery sales in May 2023.
  • Shoppers visited the store more often during the Fourth of July weekend.

Third-Party Sales Continue to See a Significant YoY Dip.

  • Pickup sales were 48.4% of overall grocery sales in July 2023.
  • Delivery sales were 51.6% of the total grocery sales in July 2023.


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