Digital sales in May 2023 were nearly $10.0 billion. Digital sales in April 2023 were $9.9 billion. While digital sales witnessed a 19.8% YoY growth, they remained flat this year with only 1.1% MoM growth.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Grocery Update

  • 67% of grocers say they've had senior level meetings where they've discussed ChatGPT (Feb 2023)
  • 74% of grocery tech executives are looking for AI capabilities when selecting / RFPing new software
  • 11% of grocers expect AI to significantly impact their immediate (24 month) staffing

Digital Performance Summary: May 2023

  • The Grocery Doppio Performance Report provides an interactive summary of digital performance of the grocery industry. The summary above brings to fore the key highlights from May 2023
  • The full report delves deeper into KPIs like Digital Sales, Store Sales, Sales across Digital Fulfillment Methods, and Average Basket Size, among others

Key Learnings

Online Sales Vs In-Store Sales

  • Digital sales were 13.1% of overall grocery sales in May 2023
  • Store sales were 86.9% of the total grocery sales in May 2023

Sales by Digital Fulfillment Channels

  • Pickup sales were 53.3% of overall grocery sales in May 2023
  • Delivery sales were 46.7% of the total grocery sales in May 2023



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