This report delves into a comprehensive analysis of shoppers' omnichannel shopping behaviors, preferences, and the challenges faced by them.



In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the realm of digital grocery shopping is on an upward trajectory. The continuous growth of online grocery shopping is prompting grocers to pivot their focus from customer-facing improvements to strengthening backend capabilities. Shoppers, spanning all age groups, are increasingly adopting a hybrid shopping approach, seamlessly navigating between online convenience and in-store experiences tailored to specific needs. This nuanced consumer landscape underscores the importance of grocers optimizing omnichannel experiences.

This report brings you an in-depth analysis of the omnichannel shopping habits and evolving preferences of grocery shoppers. It also offers valuable insights for grocers to understand the levers that drive profitability and create a digital toolkit that supports the end-to-end shopper journey.


Why should you download this report:

Unlock the Power of Omnichannel Shopping:

Explore the reasons behind omnichannel becoming the default shopping mode for consumers across all generations, gaining valuable insights into how shoppers utilize multiple channels for inspiration, research, and actual purchases.

69% of all 2023 grocery sales were digitally influenced.

Maximize Customer Value:

Grasp the undeniable connection between omnichannel engagement and customer value, discovering why shoppers who adeptly utilize multiple channels prove to be more valuable assets to your business.

87% of grocers say Omnichannel shoppers are their #1 target segment.

Winning Loyalty in the Digital Age:

Delve into the challenges presented by the digital landscape to customer loyalty, and uncover actionable insights to mitigate friction points, gaining the expertise to navigate the evolving shopping landscape for sustainable growth.

4.2 bad experiences before and Omnichannel shopper churn.

Boosting Profitability with Strategic Insights:

Discover the crucial force multipliers that hold the potential to significantly impact the profitability of your grocery business, while gaining a deeper understanding of the levers instrumental in driving overall profitability.

90%+ times using the mobile loyalty app / barcode is an indicator of loyalty.


Survey Demographics

Grocery Doppio surveyed shoppers and grocery executives to better understand the changing shopping habits, preferences, and challenges faced by shoppers.

Grocery shoppers surveyed: 5136

Executives surveyed: 214