Amazon Recap 2022: Major Milestones

Shalmali Prakash
February 10, 2023
Amazon Recap 2022: Major Milestones

At A Glance

  • Most businesses struggled to keep up with unprecedented challenges during pandemic
  • However, Amazon continued to grow and expand significantly
  • Amazon's sheer size and reach post-pandemic are almost impossible to imagine
  • This article covers some of Amazon's major milestones in 2022
  • Launch of next-generation Amazon Dash Cart and expansion of Amazon Fresh are some of them

As the pandemic struck the world, most businesses struggled to keep up with unprecedented challenges. However, Amazon continued to expand and grow significantly. Over the past three years, despite a competitive labor market and supply chain delays, Amazon has become the go-to place for people looking for necessities like toilet paper and laundry detergent to work-from-home essentials. 

While Amazon already had a massive presence in the market, its sheer size and reach post-pandemic are almost impossible to imagine. As Amazon emerged more robust than ever, it hit many landmarks. Here is a look at some of Amazon’s milestones in 2022:   

Launch of Buy with Prime

Amazon introduced Buy with Prime, a new feature for Prime members that will expand the convenience of Prime shopping to other online retailers. Millions of Prime members in the United States will be able to use Buy with Prime to shop directly from merchants' websites while still receiving the same trusted Amazon service, which includes quick, free delivery, free returns on eligible orders, and a smooth and seamless checkout process.

“We always aim to exceed Prime members’ expectations by offering more selection, exclusive deals, quality content, and convenient features,” said vice president of Amazon Prime, Jamil Ghani. “With the introduction of Buy with Prime, we’re expanding where members can enjoy trusted and convenient Prime shopping benefits beyond Amazon, adding even more value to their membership. Members will have the flexibility to shop from merchants directly, all while enjoying the fast, free delivery, seamless checkout, and easy returns they’ve come to know and love from Amazon.”

Expansion of Amazon Fresh

Amazon added eight additional Amazon Fresh grocery stores in the first quarter, bringing the total number of Amazon Fresh grocery stores globally to 46. In the second quarter, Amazon opened 12 Amazon Fresh locations across the U.S. and the U.K., increasing the size of its grocery store network. The newest Amazon Fresh store in Seattle is the world's first grocery shop pursuing Zero Carbon accreditation from the International Future Living Institute. It has more than a dozen store design improvements that, compared to an industry-standard grocery store, should save almost 185 tons of carbon emissions annually.

“Amazon Fresh — which includes our grocery stores and delivery and pickup services — made a strong debut, placing fifth among 58 U.S. grocers on the list (Retailer Preference Index) compiled by Dunnhumby, a global customer data science and analysis firm,” an Amazon release stated. “Amazon and Amazon Fresh’s strong ranking on the list is reflective of the hard-working associates across all of our business operations. They continuously deliver for customers and helped us earn this industry recognition.” 

Growth of Amazon Dash Cart

The next-generation Amazon Dash Cart was introduced, which brought innovations to enhance the customer shopping experience further. Amazon Dash Cart is a smart shopping cart that employs computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to help detect items in a cart, allowing customers to bypass the checkout queue when they finish shopping. With the latest Dash Cart, which is also coming to its first Whole Foods Market location in Westford, customers can search for specific items on the cart's screen, load more things into their cart and carry it to their vehicle. 

“As many of our customers return to their in-store grocery shopping routines, it’s exciting to introduce new and unique ways for them to shop our stores,” said Leandro Balbinot, chief technology officer at Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market. “We’re thrilled that the newest version of Dash Cart will debut in our Westford store and can’t wait to hear the feedback from our customers there.”

Launch of Store Analytics

Amazon unveiled Store Analytics, a new service that gives businesses insights into the effectiveness of their advertising, promotions, and product sales in applicable stores. Store Analytics is available at Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go stores in the United States that have installed Amazon Dash Carts and Just Walk Out technology.

“Through the secure Store Analytics dashboard, brands can access aggregated and anonymized data about how their products rank and perform. Additionally, advertisers running in-store campaigns such as digital signage will see associated performance metrics in their ad campaign reports,” stated an Amazon release. “These data-driven Store Analytics insights allow brands to better understand the path to purchase for their products, helping them to evolve and refine their assortment, merchandising, and advertising over time.”

Introduction of Intelligent Robotic System

Amazon rolled out Sparrow in its first fulfillment center. Sparrow is a robotic system that can find, choose, and handle certain products in Amazon's inventory. This significant technical advancement frees up employees' time and effort so they can focus on other activities. Sparrow improves health and safety by minimizing repetitive work employees must undertake.

“In our focus on robotics, we knew we had an opportunity to dig deeper into research and development to support individual product handling. We have millions of products of all shapes and sizes in our inventory, and we recognized the opportunity to invent new technology that could help handle them at Amazon’s scale,” stated an Amazon release. “That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Sparrow, our newest robotic system that significantly advances item handling in our operations.”