5 Trail-blazing Energy Disruptors

Neha Ghai
August 3, 2023

At a Glance

  • Grocers need to strike a balance between sustainability and profitability.
  • Transitioning to natural refrigerants can save grocers up to 33% in costs.
  • Legacy systems are being challenged, prompting grocers to prioritize energy efficiency.
  • The article highlights various innovative solutions aimed at enhancing energy efficiency for grocers.

In the first part of our Energy Disruptors series based on "energy efficiency in grocery stores" we delved into the significant impact of energy costs on grocers and how reducing these expenses can lead to substantial cost savings, improved profitability, and enhanced sustainability. Additionally, we highlighted the importance of curbing CO2 emissions, which can adversely affect grocers' brand image and reputation.

Now, in the second part of our series on understanding “Cost Saving with Energy Efficient Solutions,” we focus on the less glamorous but equally vital aspects of innovation. We explore how forward-thinking companies are tackling crucial operational challenges, such as optimizing refrigeration systems, striking a balance between customer visibility and energy-efficient display cases, and enhancing energy audit programs. These innovative approaches promise to make a significant impact on the industry's overall sustainability and economic efficiency.

Companies are helping grocers with seemingly minor areas, such as optimizing changes in refrigeration batteries, which can provide grocers with up to 20% reductions in electricity bills. In line with the global emphasis on sustainability and climate change, transitioning to natural refrigerants can reduce environmental impact and accelerate savings by up to 33% over traditional refrigerants. Moreover, grocers adopting shelf-cooling technologies enable efficient cooling without unnecessary thawing or cooling, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing repeat sales. These incremental enhancements hold significant potential for boosting grocers' savings.

Below, we highlight some notable companies that are helping the industry achieve efficiencies and savings to improve their margins.

Doppio Disruptors

The disruptors detailed below serve the grocery industry to tackle their pain points around operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and meeting sustainability goals. 

Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation based in St. Louis, MO, serves businesses by prioritizing energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and modernizing the energy grid. Customer satisfaction is at the core of its operations, and the company continually seeks opportunities to enhance energy services and offer tailored solutions while promoting environmental stewardship. Their energy efficiency program benefits various businesses, including grocers, through energy audits, equipment upgrades, lighting improvements, refrigeration and HVAC optimization, and building envelope enhancements like insulation and weather sealing.

Established in 1997, Ameren Illinois is presently led by Chairman and President Leonard P. Singh and has its headquarters in Illinois. The company has fostered valuable partnerships with prominent grocers like Kroger and Schnucks, further reinforcing its commitment to delivering sustainable and efficient energy solutions for regional businesses. 

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions

Nue-Tech Energy Solutions is a family-owned business specializing in lighting application solutions for commercial, retail, and industrial sectors, including grocers. Their LED retrofitting, such as the LED StripLED Super Strip Retrofit, is tailored for grocery stores and parking lot lights, improving visibility and energy efficiency. Notably, Nue Tech Energy Solutions has formed valuable partnerships with prominent grocery chains like Schnucks and Sentry Foods in Wisconsin, showcasing their commitment to providing high-quality lighting solutions that meet the unique needs of grocery retailers. With headquarters in Ohio and Florida, the company also maintains sales offices in strategic locations like Wisconsin and Colorado.

Axiom Cloud

Axiom Cloud is a pioneering company leveraging A.I. to transform cooling systems globally. Their state-of-the-art technology accurately predicts equipment issues and optimizes cooling system efficiency, resulting in cost savings and reduced energy consumption. Their comprehensive solutions, encompassing the Virtual Refrigeration Battery, Virtual Technician, and Facilities Analyzer, provide advanced capabilities to clients. Introducing power flexibility and energy storage empowers customers to generate revenue while seamlessly integrating intermittent renewables into the grid. Axiom Cloud's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through its early leak detection feature, which effectively curbs harmful refrigerant emissions. Founded in 2020, Axiom Cloud has gathered a team of refrigeration, data science, energy, and software development experts to grow their company. Their solutions have garnered significant support from esteemed investors, including Vela Partners, Momenta, Frontier Venture Capital, Ulu Ventures, Powerhouse Ventures, Leadout Capital, and Lorimer Ventures. Additionally, Axiom Cloud has formed valuable partnerships with distinguished retailers such as Grocery Outlet, a prominent U.S. supermarket chain, 


Utilizing the vast and renewable resources of the sky, this clean energy solution company SkyCool seeks to transform cooling technologies and make substantial strides in reducing global carbon emissions. At the core of their innovation is a state-of-the-art passive cooling panel designed to optimize the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The firm has developed a solution that enables HVAC systems to efficiently reflect sunlight, preventing unnecessary heating while simultaneously emitting infrared heat to the sky. This ensures constant cooling day and night. his technology achieves a temperature drop of up to 15°F below ambient levels without any reliance on electricity, making it a truly sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

The company, founded in 2016 by Eli Goldstein and Aswath Raman, is comprised of a team of mechanical engineers, scientists, and business operators, all dedicated to driving sustainable advancements. They aim to bring efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions to the forefront. Through their innovative technology, they have attracted support from reputable partners, including New Energy Nexus, Start X, ARPA-E, Tumml, and PanelClaw, among others. Recently, the company has formed valuable partnerships with leading retailers such as Grocery Outlet and Fairview Schnucks Store, demonstrating their commitment to positively impacting the cooling industry.

Q.M. Power

Founded in 2006 by Joe Flynn and PJ Piper, Q.M. Power aims to revolutionize energy consumption and specializes in power electronics and electric motor systems.At the core of Q.M. Power's offerings lies cutting-edge technology designed to optimize power usage and minimize environmental impact.

Q.M. Power has found a valuable niche in empowering grocers to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and embrace sustainability, all while ensuring a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Through strategic partnerships, such as the one with Albertsons, the company has successfully implemented its Q-Sync® motor retrofitting solution, resulting in significant energy savings. The collaboration led to the retrofitting of 173 evaporator motors, demonstrating Q.M. Power's commitment to substantially and positively impacting store energy usage.