5 Ways Innovative Packaging Can Help Unlock Digital Growth

Neha Ghai
March 14, 2023
5 Ways Innovative Packaging Can Help Unlock Digital Growth

At A Glance

  • Razor-edge innovations in packaging customizations boost sales.
  • Grocers must invest in creative ways to gather data points to improve customer loyalty.
  • Innovative packaging solutions can set grocers apart from the crowd.
  • This article explores five key ways to improve digital sales through effective packaging solutions.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with providing value creation. Grocers are uniquely positioned to substantially change the packaging value chain by redefining packaging design and product specifications.

According to Grocery Doppio’s ”January 2023: State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard,” packaging improvement is one of the top 3 sustainability priorities for grocers in 2023. By addressing critical gaps in package design, grocers can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental harm while ultimately increasing sales. For example, grocers can position themselves as environmental stewards by creatively packaging products in biodegradable and compostable material that commit to lowering GHG.

According to Grocery Doppio’s ”February 2023: State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard,” 13.8% of all grocery sales in February 2023 were digital, with 75.8% of digital orders originating on a grocer's website. Due to changing shopping preferences, awareness about the planet's resource consumption, and uncertain macroeconomic headwinds, grocers must implement next-gen solutions to boost their digital revenue and profitability.

Drive Growth and Reach Newer Shoppers

Customized Packaging: Packaging solutions that are unique and innovative will imprint a positive experience on the shopper. High-quality packaging with personalized logos and names which protect the contents and are easy to open offers novelty about the product and increases brand awareness. By focusing on a customized experience, grocers can create stronger customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Gathering Information: Origin stories of the company's founding roots can be told by aesthetically pleasing packaging building a narrative about the company's commitment to saving the environment. Encourage customers to join the ecological journey and reduce their carbon footprint by introducing initiatives for waste collection and disposal at home. Packaging solutions with built-in sensors or data tools can help track customer stories and understand their preferences to optimize solutions and drive sales.

Promote Brand Through Technology: Packaging is a brand strategy. Creative visualizations produced by integrating technology using RFID scanners or NFC can provide additional information about the product's packaging and disposal methodology, creating excitement in the eco-conscious customer. Additionally, offering discounts on reducing waste by curating shopping lists in a single package can attract newer customers to the digital store.

Subscription Services: Grocery Doppio’s ”State of Digital Grocery: The Media Monetization Opportunity” reports that 71% of grocers are actively evaluating or implementing newer revenue streams. Packaging as a service can drive revenue by accommodating subscription services that include returns for packing material.

Gamification: In the metaverse age, grocers’ packaging solutions can include puzzles, trivia questions, and games about green packaging while engaging with the customer. By adding the element of gamification, there are multiple engagements with the shopper to provide memorable experiences.  

The above solutions can help attract newer customers, increase the aha moments for shoppers, and improve customer loyalty. Packaging solutions offering differentiated experiences can increase digital sales and improve brand recall for the grocer.

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