Grocery Doppio to Host 2nd Annual AI in Grocery Event

Tim Denman
April 16, 2024
AI in Grocery

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  • AI in Grocery is back for 2024, June 19-20
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Artificial intelligence has become synonymous with grocery technology. Nearly every digital solution on the market today has some form of next-gen AI embedded in it, helping to maximize data to ensure operational efficiency and supercharge the customer experience.

To keep grocers abreast of this critical technology, Grocery Doppio has diligently studied and reported on AI in Grocery over the past two years, launching its AI in Grocery event last spring. The virtual event brought together grocers and solution providers for meaningful educational and networking opportunities.

Grocery Doppio is excited to announce that its second annual AI in Grocery event will be held June 19-20. The event will again provide behind-the-scenes insight from leading grocers and ground-breaking tech leaders in a fun, conversational format. This year's event will center on four key themes:

Supply Chain

The modern grocery supply chain is AI-driven. It is impossible to choreograph the needs of the organization, stores, and consumers - ensuring product is where it needs to be when it needs to be there without AI. But what capabilities are most vital?  How can grocers best leverage supply chain AI to satisfy shopper demand and win in an ultra-competitive market? Where should investment dollars be allocated? This section will explore these questions and more.


Labor remains one of the grocery industry’s most pressing concerns. Rising wages coupled with growing competition for top-tier talent have made staffing increasingly difficult for grocers. Luckily, dynamic AI-powered workforce tools allow grocers to do more with less, relieving the strain on training, task management, scheduling, HR functions, and more - freeing associates for more meaningful consumer engagement. Learn how these powerful tools can help your team solve the labor conundrum and turn average employees into top performers.


In today's omnichannel environment, the ability to change prices seamlessly in real-time has become an operational necessity. However, leading grocers can take this capability to the next level by leveraging AI to predict individual product price elasticity and provide distinctive promotions and discounts to match unique shopper profiles. With 83% of grocery shoppers searching for discounts and promotions, it is more vital than ever for grocers to understand the pricing landscape and react to changing conditions in real time. Discover how the industry leaders get it done.  


Grocery shoppers increasingly demand a personalized path to purchase, and those grocers that can provide a tailored experience seamlessly have a leg up on the competition. Although 86% of digital grocery customers expect a personalized shopping experience, only 11% of grocers are actually able to personalize more than half of the shopper journey. Find out how leading grocers can provide consumers with a unique, memorable, and personalized experience.

For each of the event’s main themes, the conference will host a roundtable discussion with grocers and a Doppio Disruptor conversation with an AI-powered solution provider setting the pace for change across the industry.

Grocery Doppio is currently accepting speaker nominations for both the grocery roundtables and Doppio Disruptor conversations. Anyone interested in more information or to nominate themselves or a colleague for a speaking spot is encouraged to contact Grocery Doppio editor Tim Denman at