Digital sales at the beginning of the year (Jan 2022) were 15.2% of total grocery sales. We've seen the share of digital decelerate over the last six months. However, digital sales are still on track to cross 20% of all grocery sales by 2026.


H1 Digital Performance Summary

  • The Grocery Doppio Performance Report provides an interactive summary of digital performance of the grocery industry. The summary above brings to fore the key highlights from H1 2022
  • The full report delves deeper into KPIs like Digital Sales, Store Sales, Sales across Digital Channels and Fulfillment Methods, Average Basket Size, and Average Price per Item, among others

Major Insights

Digital Sales Vs Store Sales

  • Digital sales were 13.7% of overall grocery sales in H1 2022
  • H1 digital sales in 2022 declined 1.73% compared to H1 2021
  • Q1 digital sales were 14.8% of overall grocery sales
  • Q2 digital sales were 12.6% of overall grocery sales

Online Sales Distribution by Channel

  • Third-party sales were 28.4% of  all digital grocery sales in H1 2022
  • January was the strongest month for third-party app sales in H1 ($3.2 billion)
  • Q1 third-party sales at $9 billion were 29.9% of all digital grocery sales
  • Q2 third-party sales at $7 billion were 26.7% of all digital grocery sales


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