Doppio 5: Top 5 Grocery News for March 2023

Explore Shoptalk 2023 recap, grocery Q1 digital performance, Giant Eagle's CEO change, grocers' ongoing sustainability efforts, and much more.

Walmart 2022 Recap: Major Milestones

In its pursuit to serve its customers better, Walmart has hit many milestones in the past year. Here is a look at some of Walmart’s major milestones.

Private Brand Success Requires a Digital Marketing Revamp

Private brands are key to modern grocers’ growth strategies. Ongoing success, however, requires an overhaul of traditional digital marketing approaches.

Doppio 5: Top 5 Grocery News for February 2023

Discover grocers’ ChatGPT plans, Rhode Island’s proposed self-checkout restrictions, how to boost your private brand digital marketing, and much more.

Doppio 5: Top 5 Grocery News for January 2023

This is the first in a series of short monthly videos designed to get you up to speed on the top five grocery news items from the past month.
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