Media Monetization

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Executive Perspective

Shopic's AI-Embedded Smart Cart Solution: Enhancing the In-Store Customer Experience

Shopic’s CEO, Raz Golan, Unveils Innovative Smart Cart Solution: Transforming Shopping Experiences with AI Integration. Discover how Shopic’s “Shop-E” clip-on device turns carts into smart companions, elevating in-store experiences to an e-commerce level. Read more in our exclusive interview with Grocery Doppio.
Research Report

State of Digital Grocery: The Media Monetization Opportunity

Grocery Doppio conducted research to understand how US grocers and their CPG partners view the current opportunity and challenges in monetizing retail media. The analysis was conducted from July 2022 - August 2022.
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6 Advantages of Retail Media Networks: Unveiling New Opportunities for Brands and Retailers

Retail media networks revolutionize brand-consumer engagement, offering precise ad placement for strategic influence. Brands gain visibility, data insights, and ROI optimization, while retailers monetize media, leverage data, and establish partnerships. This dynamic interaction reshapes consumer experiences and drives revenue growth.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Announces its Retail Media Program

The Eastern United States' leading membership warehouse club operator, BJ's Wholesale Club, has announced the introduction of its retail media program, BJ's Media Edge™.

Is Media Monetization the Key to Replacing Lost Margin?

While digital commerce allows grocers to provide next-level service and convenience, its razor-thin margins have many grocers looking for ways to increase profitability. One way savvy, forward-thinking grocers are beefing up the bottom line is through retail media monetization.